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While staying with Krystal International Vacation Club this fall, travelers can enjoy a great local event and observe rich cultural celebrations.

Every vacation should be as unique as the individual who is taking it, and one way that travelers can make their time away from home unique is by taking advantage of limited-time opportunities to participate in local events.

When travelers go to destinations like Cancun, a city that comes highly recommended by the likes of travel industry expert Krystal International Vacation Club, they will have many opportunities to choose from. Cancun’s visitors have chances to spend time on the lovely beaches, head to local cultural sites, and take part in the fun Cancun nightlife. However, they are also encouraged to check out upcoming holidays and local events to put a special touch on their time away from home.

One of the upcoming events that travelers are encouraged to take part in a year is the Fall Equinox at the nearby Chicken Itza. Chichen Itza is one of the most popular sites near Cancun because of its splendor and its connection to the old world of Mexico. It is a historical site home to Mayan ruins, such as the iconic Kukulcan temple known as El Castilo.

Chichen Itza by Krystal International Vacation Club

While this site is visited throughout the year by eager Cancun guests, this September is when Krystal International Vacation Club recommends that travelers take a trip to this historical site to enjoy the unique celebrations that are a part of the fall equinox.

During the equinox, the sun shines perfectly on El Castilo to make a serpent appear on the pyramid. It is an incredible example of innovative Mayan design and magical sight to see in person. Each year on the fall equinox, which falls on September 22nd, tourists and locals flow into Chichen Itza to appreciate this wonderful site and witness the wonder of the Mayan temple as it comes to life.

During the equinox, visitors at the site can also participate in some exclusive tours throughout Chichen Itza to explore its many components. Some of the ancient Mayan buildings that they can tour in addition to El Castilo include the Great Ball Court, the North Temple, and the Temples of the Jaguar. Each of these pieces of ancient Mayan architecture is a wonder to see, and the equinox celebrations will only enhance the enjoyment of this complex and enriching historical site.

Krystal International Vacation Club offers its guests an unmatched vacation experience in the beautiful Cancun. Visitors will relax and enjoy real comfort in the recently renovated resort while enjoying amenities such as the luxurious spa and inviting pool.

While guests enjoy all of these in-resort offerings, they will also have access to the fantastic events and attractions that make up this lovely and lively city. To learn more about staying with Krystal International Vacation Club to appreciate the fall equinox in Cancun this year, please visit now.