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Krystal Cancun is an industry stand-out for all things vacation-related. Many travelers from all over flock to their remarkable properties located in popular spots around Mexico like Cancun, Mazatlan, and even the highly-desired choice of Puerto Vallarta.

Krystal Cancun Sightseeing in Cozumel

Krystal Cancun shares that spending time outdoors is something many travelers hope to enjoy during their time in Mexico, and there are many beautiful spaces to enjoy all of the sightseeing that the city of Cozumel is so well known for. Try any of these top recommendations from Krystal Cancun Sightseeing in Cozumel For a fantastic way to unwind during time away from work, school, or responsibilities this summer.

San Gervasio

All those who have never been to Mexico might find themselves surprised to learn the area’s connection to the Mayan culture, which is genuinely very rich with an exciting history. Consider contacting a guide to help navigate these ruins to learn all about what took place here back in its inhabited days.


Mayan Ruins in San Gervasio,Cozumel, Mexico.The Palace Structure


Punta Celerain Lighthouse

All those looking for the perfect afternoon activity will love an outing here. Pack a picnic lunch and hit the trails to see this famous lighthouse in person. The hike is worth it since Krystal Cancun is Sightseeing in Cozumel.

Shares that at the top of the lighthouse showcases the stunning 360-degree views of Cozumel’s south point area.

San Miguel

This island (which is quite closely located in Cozumel) also offers private tours of all the best sightseeing spots, so be sure to contact a local provider to set something up. One of the most popular places to see is the Plaza del Sol, where shopping and delicious dining await.

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Krystal Cancun Sightseeing in Cozumel


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