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A Visit to Playa El Palmar in Ixtapa

               A Visit to Playa El Palmar in Ixtapa

Krystal International Vacation Club is a premiere vacation provider that is located in some of the most stunning destinations all around the world. Their customer-service oriented staff is always striving to provide the best experience possible. That’s why this resort shares all those who want a true treat this fall will love spending time in the city of Ixtapa.

The area is known for being home to some great examples of the one of the top things the country is known for, which is being the home to some of the most beautiful beaches. The perfect example that travelers should set aside time for a visit to after their arrival to kick off surf, sand and other fun in the sun is Playa El Palmar.

Krystal International Vacation Club shares the history of this beach is interesting, and many visitors find it interesting to learn it once was a coconut and mango plantation. Walking around the area is a great opportunity for sightseeing. After spending a few hours on your feet looking all around the beach and Ixtapa, travelers will want to take up the chance to have a relaxing massage by the beach. There are several tents in different areas where one can take a few moments to let the body rest and reset while in expert hands.

After a massage, travelers might want to head back to the hotel. But try to stick around until the sun goes down for an experience unlike any other. The sunsets hear are something that everyone will want to see. Gorgeous orange, pink and blue colors fill the sky above the turquoise water and off-white sand, something that Krystal International Vacation Club shares is romantic and rare to see that would be a perfect opportunity for a date night.

Besides providing top of the line customer service, they pride themselves on fulfilling desired vacation activities, turning a dream into reality. Spending time exploring Mexico’s best beaches, while also taking full advantage of the resort’s many amenities this fall will certainly find this to be a dream come true for them and their family. For more information please visit