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When you get to Cancun you may be wondering what the best way to get around it. You want to make sure you pick a mode that will fit your needs, whether that is cost or convenience, and something that will get you to all the places that you want to see. To help you pick the right way to get around, Krystal International Vacation Club reviews some options to get you around Cancun.

  • Bus: Believe it or not taking the bus is actually a great way to get around Cancun. They are cheaper than other methods of travel for starters, and show up very often. Most bus drivers in Cancun will pick you up if you hail them even if you are not at a stop, and many of them are versed in English at least enough to help you get around. The downside to busses is that they can be crowded and hot.
  • Car:
  • Taxi: Taxi’s are convenient because they are just about everywhere in Cancun, however, they are often more expensive than other options. You can try to get deals, and many of them will give you discounts, but just make sure that you work out your details clearly before you ride so there is no miscommunication.